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Unleashing ThreatStryker:
The Future of Real-time Cloud Protection

Recorded August 24, 2023 (40 min)

Are you tired of drowning in security alerts? Struggling to identify the real threats in the ocean of noise? It's time to discover ThreatStryker, Deepfence's breakthrough Enterprise CNAPP, taking cloud-native security to unparalleled heights. 

Built on the rock-solid foundation of ThreatMapper, our renowned open-source Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP), ThreatStryker is ushering in a new era of precise, actionable, and lightning-fast threat detection and response.

Join us for a deep dive into ThreatStryker's General Availability and witness the future of cloud security. Experience a demo and learn how Deepfence provides:

  • Real-time Defense: With advanced eBPFGuard technology, ThreatStryker doesn't just detect threats – it annihilates them in real time. No compromises, no delays.
  • Intuitive Control: ThreatStryker's user interface is designed for you – a seamless experience in identifying, mitigating, and neutralizing threats, making the complex seem effortlessly simple.
  • Smart Focus: Eliminate alert fatigue. Deepfence empowers you to concentrate on the critical 3% of alerts that truly matter, ensuring prompt response and remediation.

Don't get left behind in the rapidly changing landscape of cloud security and embrace the next-level protection that only Deepfence can deliver.