webinar series

How Top Tech Teams Operationalize Security at Scale

We chatted with thought leaders at top tech companies on how they scale and keep their security programs consistently cutting-edge.

Webinar Series Part 4:
Runtime Context - The Missing Piece in Cloud Security

Mike Sabbota, Head of Security Engagements at Amazon Prime Video, and Sandeep Lahane, CEO of Deepfence, dive into the crucial role of runtime application context in cloud security. They discuss how understanding runtime application behavior has been instrumental in proactively identifying threats and ensuring the robust security of Amazon Prime Video's expansive digital landscape. Listen to Mike answer the following questions in the full webinar recording.

Webinar Series Part 3:
Demystifying Kubernetes Detection and Response 

Iman Ghanizada, Global Head of Autonomic Security at Google Cloud, Nick Reva, Head of Corporate Security Engineering at Snap and Sandeep Lahane, CEO/Founder of Deepfence provide deep insights and answer key questions around securing Kubernetes. Watch some short experts below or the full webinar "Demystifying Kubernetes Detection and Response

Webinar Series Part 2:
Runtime Security Observability for Containerized Workloads in AWS with Deepfence

A fireside chat with Matt Lehman, Head of Payments Security at Amazon, and Sandeep Lahane, CEO of Deepfence. They take a deep dive into container security challenges and best practices for securing cloud-native workloads in AWS and beyond. Watch the excerpts below or register to see the entire webinar. 

Webinar Series Part 1:
Addressing Evolving Threat Models in Cloud Security with Open Source Software

Nick Reva from Snap talks about what separates good versus great cybersecurity capability and how the security landscape is shifting to open source due to recessionary times. Watch the excerpts below or view the full webinar.