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Runtime Context: The Missing Piece in Cloud Security 
Perspectives on CNAPP + WAAP

Recorded: July 27, 2023

In cloud-native security, understanding the behavior of applications and APIs at runtime is paramount. A clear picture of the application context can help security teams identify and neutralize threats more effectively, thereby reducing the risk landscape of an organization. However, achieving this level of clarity requires a nuanced approach and innovative solutions. We are seeing these innovations happen as the cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) space evolves to include more specific web application and API protection (WAAP).

Join Mike Sabbota, Head of Security Engagements at Amazon Prime Video, and Sandeep Lahane, CEO of Deepfence, as they delve into the crucial role of runtime application context in cloud security. Drawing from their respective wealth of experience, Sandeep and Mike will discuss how understanding runtime application behavior has been instrumental in proactively identifying threats and ensuring the robust security of Amazon Prime Video's expansive digital landscape.

This webinar will illuminate how application context can be harnessed to refine risk management strategies, drastically reduce false positives, and neutralize threats in real-time. Whether you are a cybersecurity professional, a DevOps engineer, or a decision-maker seeking to enhance your organization's security posture, this conversation promises to equip you with the tools and insights you need to navigate the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Join us for a deep-dive into the world of runtime application context and discover how to leverage CNAPP + WAAP to transform your approach to cloud security and threat neutralization.

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