Deepfence OSS Roundtable

Open Source in Cybersecurity: A Roundtable on Market Strategy Evolution

Recorded April 10, 2024 (50 min)

In the latest episode of our roundtable series, we explore the complex dynamics of cybersecurity go-to-market strategies through the lens of open-source innovation. Tailored for professionals aiming to harness open source for cybersecurity success, you will get a view of market strategies, investment considerations, and practical security insights for a well-rounded understanding of the field's future.

The discussion brings together a diverse panel of experts, including:

  • Moderated by Pramod Gosavi, a cybersecurity expert and venture capitalist.
  • Dino Boukouris, a cybersecurity-focused strategic advisor with a pulse on market trends.
  • Randolph Barr, a leading Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) with frontline defense experience.
  • Sandeep Lahane, a cloud security expert and Deepfence CEO.
They engage in a rich debate around:
  • Market Dynamics: Current trends in cybersecurity strategies, assessing the impact of evolving technology and business models.
  • Open Source Potential: The historical significance and future possibilities of open source in cybersecurity, focusing on its capacity to foster innovation and community-driven development.
  • Strategic Insights: Perspectives from the capital markets and CISO viewpoints, discussing how financial insights and frontline security challenges influence market approaches.
  • Deepfence's Vision: How the company redefined cloud security by embedding open-source principles into their CNAPP platform, illustrating a case study in strategic market adaptation.