Mastering AI webinar PANEL-2

Mastering AI-Driven Cloud Security: A New Era of Remediation

Recorded January 26, 2024 (60 min)

The prioritization of risk and the ability to remediate it across infrastructure modalities is a top priority for cloud security teams in 2024. With the criticality of Mean Time to Detection (MTTD) and Mean Time to Response (MTTR), AI can dramatically minimize these metrics and keep pace with the dwell time of threat actors in the cloud. From real-time alerts about suspicious application behavior to actionable steps for neutralizing threats and reinforcing security postures, we'll illustrate the transformative impact of AI-assisted remediation in runtime protection.

Yogesh Badwe, Chief Security Officer at Druva, will join us to offer his perspective on the importance of AI and alert prioritization extending into effective remediation as a security professional at a leading software company.

In this live webinar, we will also cover:

  • The dynamic and essential nature of runtime protection in cloud environments.
  • How AI can go beyond addressing cloud misconfigurations to proactively combat real-time threats.
  • How ThreatRx, integrated with Deepfence's cloud security platform, empowers enterprises to swiftly detect and counteract security breaches using generative AI. 

Whether you're a CISO or a security professional navigating the complexities of modern cloud environments, join us to learn how threat remediation will be not only agile and proactive but also AI-driven.