Attack Paths

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Understanding Attack Paths:
The Key to Alert Fatigue Reduction and Better Remediation

Recorded December 15, 2022 (30 minutes)

Anyone who attempts to secure a multi-cloud or hybrid environment knows the number of alerts that can bombard your security operations team from a variety of systems: vulnerability management tools (VMDR), workload protection agents (CWPP), posture alerts related to resource misconfiguration (CSPM), malware alerts, and exposed secrets are all fundamental controls that generate noise. The key to making sense of these alerts is understanding the runtime context of the environments you are protecting and what the attack paths look like to these security risks. Only with this understanding, can companies move from a notion of vulnerability to exploitability and get a true picture of risk within their corporate environments. 

Join Deepfence for a webinar covering how to:

  • Build attack path visualizations in cloud-native environments to reduce alert fatigue for security operations teams.
  • Provide a better entry point for remediation at the point of attack.
  • Understand the attack path to better help you remediate the following types of attacks: DDoS, ransomware or malware on host, and zero-day scenarios such as Log4Shell.